Over a decade ago,

CEO & President of DNA Surface Concepts, Inc. Sean Kelly came to the South Florida market to provide the highest level of service and quality in ceramic coating installations, surface restoration, and asset protection for the marine and automotive industries. He went well #BeyondTheDetails to be a frontrunner in the ceramic coating installation process and set the standard in applications paving the way for outstanding results. Through his dedication, and his happy customers’ word of mouth, his business grew in size, technology, and capabilities.

After testing several products, Sean knew what worked – and what didn’t. It was time to develop a line that integrated the best in the latest nano-technology and chemistry that could offer unlimited, multi-surface protection. It was the start of a new era.

Sean’s development of the CeramicDNA™ product line is the perfect complement to the service he began providing ten years ago, and the perfect product line for ceramic coating installers and distributors, today.

CeramicDNA™ is making a name for itself faster than anyone ever anticipated!

Whether you are seeking an easy to apply product for your personal vehicle or vessel, or you are a detailing professional seeking to raise the bar and level of product and service you provide to your automotive, marine, or aeronautical clients, CeramicDNA™’s product line gives you the tools and training support you need to realize the benefits of cutting edge, hydrophobic, nano-technology. There’s nothing quite like the Science of Smooth™!

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