Spot-Free Sensing

Wherever, Whenever

Industry Leading Key Features

  • MAKE BOATING CLEANING EASIER - gives you spot-free, smooth results. Less wiping. Eliminates scaling and spotting.
  • CLEAN WATER Less to worry about even refill fresh water tanks to have clean rinse water.
  • SPOT-FREE RINSE cuts need for chamois drying and saves clean-up time.
  • PURITY PERFORMANCE: effectively reduces water contamination down to a safe 4-8 PPM. Make purified water right on board.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION, quality materials from the powder coated frame, marine grade electrical, and stainless-steel system plumbing.
  • CONVENIENT: Converts your municipal water effectively no matter where you are.
  • SAFE OPERATION 100% sealed electrical plug and large wheels for easy mobility.
  • FILTER and SYSTEM EFFICIENCY: Auto brine shut-down saves the units filters from needing early service by automatically shutting off while not using the water. Saves you on filter servicing and wasting water. Other units dispense brine constantly if machine is on.
  • SYSTEM CLEANING: Super simple to service with the accessory cleaning kit when needed.
  • MANAGE ACCURATELY: Includes water test meter.
Spot-free rinse means no swirl marks, etching or scratching.
No more chamois-drying windows, rails, and hard-to-reach areas.
Eliminate hard water build-up on your gear, galley and appliances.
100% sealed electrical plug, and large wheels for easy mobility.